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Dear Friends,

The outpouring of grief over the passing of Chuck Colson has been moving. It was for his courageous and extensive ministries that FRC gave him its James C. Dobson Vision and Leadership Award in 2008.

Somewhat neglected in the tributes has been Mr. Colson's deep commitment to defending the persecuted, providing aid to the needy, and bringing justice to the developing world.

University of Texas scholar Will Inboden notes that, "in the 1990s Colson helped lead a broad movement of American evangelicals into activism on an array of foreign-policy issues, including religious persecution, human trafficking, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, genocide in Sudan, and human rights atrocities in North Korea."

Dr. Inboden continues that "it would not be an exaggeration to say that the State Department offices of International Religious Freedom, Trafficking in Persons, Global Aids Coordinator, Special Envoy for Sudan, and North Korea Human Rights would not exist today without Colson's work in generating support for their creation."

In themselves, these achievements would have been so formidable as to constitute a remarkable legacy. Taken with his many other initiatives, Chuck Colson's ministry has been historic.

Mr. Colson said once, "I have the only pardon I need" - the pardon won through trusting in the death of Jesus Christ for his sins and the new life won through His resurrection.

To borrow from Hebrews 11:4, Chuck Colson, being dead, yet speaketh.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

P.S. To watch FRC President Tony Perkins' presentation of our Vision and Leadership award to Mr. Colson, and hear Chuck's remarks, click here.

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