"Abortion is profoundly anti-woman," said Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. "All of the mothers and half of the babies are victims."

However, it is fact that in some countries baby girls are aborted at a much higher rate than 50 percent. India, China and other countries would fall into this category. In such countries it usually has been the case that when, through utrasound, it is detected that a pregnant mother is carrying a female, the developing female baby is much more likely to be aborted than a male baby. Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt recently reported on the long-term negative demographic impact of such gender-specific abortion in these countries.

But the war on little women has now taken a different sinister twist. An in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic in Washington State is blatantly advertising in Canadian magazines about the possibility to "create" the gender you'd like through modern technology. They leave out the unsettling detail that the other embryos created are then usually destroyed.

"A fertility clinic in Washington state has been targeting Indo-Canadians in British Columbia with an ad encouraging them to 'create the family you want: Boy or Girl.' The ad features a picture of an ethnic boy and girl attired in traditional Indian garb. A website address in the ad directs parents interested in sex-selection to the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine where they learn that preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is the clinics preferred method for selecting an embryo of known gender facilitating family balancing.

"Sabrina Atwal, project director for the Indo-Canadian Womens Association in Edmonton said she was 'appalled' by the ad and that it was indicative of the devaluation faced by women and girls in Indo-Canadian communities.

'Girls are fighting for their lives before theyre even born,' she said."