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Dear Friends,

A few days before she died of adenocarcinoma (glandular cancer), my mother had me sit down and help her make phone calls. She could not see well enough to find the numbers, so she asked me to do it.

The calls were to a list of people in her church who were ill or in some kind of need.

This was characteristic of my Mom, whose selflessness was as profound as it was quiet. She would never think to boast to others about her commitment to sharing the good news about her Savior, her works of compassion, or her burden for the poor at home and abroad. She simply lived these things, behind the scenes.

To say that motherhood is a noble calling understates its importance. FRC celebrated mothers this year with a wonderful Webcast on the Pregnancy Resource Center movement. FRC President Tony Perkins' moving interviews with policy leaders and with young women who have benefitted from their local PRC's can be viewed at Pregnancy Resource Centers: Celebrating Mother's Day Every Day.

Walking into a quiet room and finding my mother on her knees was not uncommon for me. But she would have been embarrassed if anyone else had seen her - letting anyone but the closest of friends know about her private devotion would, in her mind, have been unseemly self-display.

"I remember my mother's prayers," wrote Abraham Lincoln. "They have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."

This is a legacy I share with Mr. Lincoln. It is one my children will receive from my wife. Can a mother give any more valuable gift to her children?

Happy Mother's Day,

Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice-President
Family Research Council

P.S. President Obama has announced what has been anticipated for some time: His support for counterfeit, same-sex "marriage." Read FRC's take on the President's comments here.

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