When he served in the Oval Office with President Obama, Rahm Emanuel had an earned reputation for being foul-mouthed. Many a White House correspondents dinner audience found themselves convulsed in laughter over bleeped-out quotes from President Obama's then-Chief of Staff.

So, now he is Mayor of Chicago. And London's Daily Mail has given us a not-at-all funny rundown of the Windy City's tragic record for homicide. Since Rahm Emanuel became Hizzoner in the "city with big shoulders," the number of shootings has gone way up:

240 People shot dead in Chicago this year

144 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan this year

5,000 People shot dead in Chicago since 2001

2,000 Troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001

7 People shot dead in Chicago last weekend

35 People injured in shootings in Chicago last weekend

35 Percentage increase in homicides in Chicago since last year

4 Times more the number of homicides in Chicago compared to New York

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Given this tragic toll, you would think the mayor would focus like a laser on protecting the citizenry from homicide. You would be wrong. This mayor, responsive to political correctness, has become even more fowl-mouthed. He's mounting a spirited campaign against--chicken. He wants to protect Chicagoans from the menace of waffle fries.

He wants to ban Chick-fil-A. It's certainly a lot safer to fight chicken than killers.

This is what we can expect in one-party towns. My kind of town, Chicago? Yes, but not for homicide. And not for mayors who play chicken.