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Dear Friends:

Last week's Supreme Court decision on President Obama's health care plan has been the subject of much commentary and controversy. Along with the extensive legal and political commentary about it, a longer-term view might be in order.

John Steele Gordon, writing in Commentary, offers a valuable historical perspective:

Never before that I know of, has a federal tax been placed on inactivity. If you buy something, you pay a sales tax. If you earn income, you pay an income tax. If you do business as a corporation, you pay an excise tax. Now, if you don't buy health insurance, you pay a tax on not doing so. What else then can be taxed? Not exercising?

This seems far afield of where the brave men and women of 1776 wanted our country ever to be. But it's in their spirit - one committed to an ordered liberty based on rights given by God, not the government - that conservatives, undaunted, press ahead.

We owe our Founders nothing less.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

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