Joe Biden says its inevitable. He thinks True Marriage is destined to fall. But the voters seem to disagree. In thirty-two statewide contests, in liberal states, moderate states, and conservative states, voters have reaffirmed True Marriage. In fact, it is only in those states that refuse to let their people speak that Counterfeit Marriage has been imposed.

Joe Biden likes to stress his blue collar roots. And he is very upfront about his Catholicism. Maybe he needs to go to France. My young friend Pierre sends us this good news.

France was known for centuries as the first daughter of the Church. And the Catholic churches in that beautiful land (le beau pays) will soon hear the Prayer for France. Thats because the new Socialist government has made clear its plans to end marriage. They will move quickly to abolish marriage by saying two men or two women must be given the same legal standing as a legally married man and woman.

As with all counterfeits, permitting two men or two women to marry devalues what is true. If your neighbor can print 20-dollar bills in his garage, what will be the value of the $20 in your wallet?

Hoover Institution researcher Stanley Kurtz has shown that wherever European Socialists moved to legitimize same-sex couplings, the institution of marriage was itself destroyed. Now, the French left wants to join that doomed parade.

For long centuries of her history, French Christians prayed the Prayer for France. They will do so once again, on August 15th. This is the Feast of the Assumption, the day when Catholics believe the Blessed Virgin Mary was carried by angels up to Heaven.

This is a perfect day to celebrate the truth of marriage and joy of marriage. When the infant Jesus life was being sought by the soldiers of King Herod, God did not send a fiery chariot to carry the Christ child to safety. Nor did He send a great fish. Or lift baby Jesus on the wings of Eagles.

Our Father sent a husband with a donkey to carry his beloved wife and child to safety in Egypt. That Holy Family models the best protection for children. The Prayer for France will not only lift up a great nation in need of Gods Divine Protection, it will lift up all the dear children who are in danger. Todays Herods seek to destroy the children even in the womb.

We know that in the United States four of five unborn children who are aborted are the children of single mothers. This is probably and lamentably true in France, as well. Marriage--True Marriage--is thus the greatest protector of the unborn.

Should we be surprised that the most pro-abortion administration in American history is also the most anti-marriage? Should it surprise us that a political party which regards the slaughter of innocents as a fundamental right condemns the defense of marriage as a sign of bigotry?

French Socialists are not far behind their American counterparts. They insist that French citizens pay for abortion. They too will force their people to recognize same-sex couplings as marriages, or lose their civil rights.

Thats why one of Frances leading clerics, Philippe Cardinal Barbarin, the Archbishop of Lyon, has boldly defended True Marriage:

Nobody should be surprised if we Catholics think that the first page of the Bible is right, even more so than a parliament. It takes rare courage to speak this truth to power, especially in France.

The Cardinal is in full agreement with Pope Benedict XVI, who says the assault on marriage threatens the life of all humanity. In saying so with courage and candor, these church leaders are lifting high the Cross and defending the Truth. In this valiant effort they will have the support of millions of Evangelicals, Lutherans, and Orthodox Christians throughout the world

Too many suffer the effects of family breakdown. Advocacy groups denounce Catholic leaders for saying the love of a mother and a father are necessary for children. But put another way, they are saying father and mother are dispensable. Too many children today are born without fathers in the home.

The movement to abolish True Marriage seeks to eliminate the very idea of fatherhood and motherhood. That is why Hillary Clintons State Department came perilously close to issuing passports with Parent 1 and Parent 2 instead of Mother and Father. Question: In a same-sex couple, how do you determine who is Parent 1 and Parent 2? Will we not see endless conflict and ceaseless lawsuits to further burden our overburdened legal and social service systems?

Socialists there and here sneer at prayer. They say no prayer can stop legislation. But prayer touches the hearts of the peopleand that can stop legislation. And prayer also reaches the heart of God. And I think of all the Christians, Protestant and Catholic alike, can adapt this prayer to our own traditions to uphold marriage and family at this time.

The Prayer for France

"On this day we celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, under whose patronage France has been placed, we present to God, through the intercession of Our Lady, our trusting prayers for our country:

1. In these times of economic crisis, many of our citizens are victims of various restrictions and see the future with concern, we pray for those who have decision making powers in this area and ask God to make useven more generous in solidarity with our fellow men.

2. For those who have been recently elected to legislate and govern, may their sense of common good of society outweigh special requests and may they have the strength to follow the instructions of their conscience.

3. For families, that their legitimate expectation of support from society is not disappointed, that their members support with fidelity and tenderness throughout their existence, especially in the painful moments.That the commitment of the spouses towards each other and their children are a sign of loyalty to love.

4. For children and youth as we help all people to discover their own path to progress towards happiness; they cease to be objects of desire and the focus of conflict of adults' that they fully benefit from the love of a father and a mother.

Lord our God, we entrust in You the future of our country. Through the intercession of Our Lady, grant us the courage to make hard choices and a better quality of life for all and vitality of our youth through strong and faithful families. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.