It is always encouraging when Christian leaders call for believing men and women to take a stand for their children and their culture. Jason Pankau and Michael Lee Stallard have done this graciously but forcefully in a recent Crosswalk article, "The Christian Calling to Rescue Cultures: Saving Our Kids. This moving article recounts how loneliness, excessive time online, and internet pornography have poisoned a generation of young men and women.

Pankau and Stallard are to be commended as Godly men whose passion for Americas youth reflects the love of Christ. Yet as we consider their moving call for Christians to help rescue a lost and lonely generation, its worth remembering that the crises of our countrys children, teens, and early-20s grow substantially out of family breakdown.

At FRC, we talk and write a lot about the centrality of family to personal fulfillment, social well-being, and economic prosperity. We do so because family matters so much: No ones needs, however grave, can be resolved in isolation. We need moms and dads, sisters and brothers, or at least surrogates in these critical roles, to thrive as our Creator intended.

The hard facts prove it: FRCs Marriage and Religion Research Institute provides well-documented and sometimes counterintuitive data vindicating the proposition that the biblical vision of the family remains essential to the life, liberty, and happiness of any culture. Our talented commentators and writers, including Tony Perkins, Ken Blackwell, and Bob Morrison, frequently share how the family unit which is so under attack is the yeast that leavens our countrys cultural bread.

Most importantly, the law written on the heart described by Paul the Apostle in Romans 2 confirms to our inner lives what we witness all around us: The love, security, and guidance of family are irreplaceable. Whatever social, religious, and political structures we develop to better the lives of our youth, lets never forget that.