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Dear Friends,

This week's massive Indian blackout demonstrates again how reliant all of us are on an intricate and largely unseen web of hyrdo-electrical, electronic, and computer-related support systems.

A similar network, one seldom celebrated in media or academia, is composed of families, churches, synagogues, associations, charities, corporations and businesses. They form the undercarriage of our society and are equally critical to the well-being of us all.

As conservatives, it's our job to strengthen this essential cultural power-grid. At the Family Research Council, our job is to help sustain and empower the institutions of marriage, church, and family so that the moral power failures we are experiencing don't become overwhelming. With your God's help and yours, we will continue doing just that.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice-President
Family Research Council

P.S. As this week marks the beginning of the Obama Administration's contraception/abortifacient mandate on health insurance plans, be sure to visit FRC's website to learn what we're doing to support religious liberty and the rights of conscience.

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