I grew up with CBS News. I can remember the day my father got me up before dawn to hear the CBS World News Roundup on the radio. They were announcing the death of Stalin. And my father had actually been to the USSR in his ship before World War II. He explained to me--a little school boy--what the death of this brutal dictator meant.

It seems I checked out of CBS News around 1980. I do have fond memories of Dan Rather trying to do a folksy Texas commentary on Jimmy Carter's disastrous election night that year. "He's got his back to the wall and his shirttails are on fire." In those long-ago days, network TV colored the Republican states in blue and Democratic states in red. I remember when New England and New York all went for Reagan that glorious night. When Massachusetts and Connecticut turned blue, Dan Rather's face turned green.

I was long gone from that "Tiffany Network" when Dan Rather was finally tripped up. He tried to do a story--a big expose--on President George W. Bush. He showed a letter said to have been written by the younger George Bush's commanding officer in the Texas Air National Guard. The letter suggested that young Bush had had political pull to get a slot that would keep him out of Vietnam. The only problem for Dan Rather: The letter had been typed in Microsoft WORD format. And word processing wasn't invented by the time of the date on that bogus letter. The fellows at the Powerline Blog had caught him in the act. It made people wonder: How long has CBS News been pulling this stuff and getting away with it?

So, being an ex-CBS viewer, it's a joy to find something to praise my formerly favorite network for. Here's a short video from the CBS website on the forthcoming Revolutionary War Museum.

It's truly a gem of reporting--and it's all good news. Amazing. Two minutes thirty-six seconds of CBS reporting--and I applaud every word of it.