The persecution of North Korean Christians has been endemic to that nations strange, brutal regime for decades. Now, we can get an inside glimpse of how these believers are treated by their mindlessly Marxist government and also learn about the heroic efforts of Christians in China to help rescue them.

In her new book, Escape from North Korea, the Untold Story of Asia's Underground Railroad, former Wall Street Journal reporter Melanie Kirkpatrick describes how Chinese Christians and churches are supporting escapees in defiance of laws prohibiting such assistance. Read an interview with her at Christianity Today and read about her book here.

The thousands of men, women, and children who claim the Name of Jesus and for which they are thrust into the barbaric North Korean gulag archipelago deserve our prayerful support. So do those courageous Chinese who, at great risk, work to get them out of their troubled country. As Ms. Kirkpatrick says,

Christians were the prime movers of the original underground railroad during the years leading up to the Civil War. If the church community in America wanted to do that today, there's a lot they could do to raise awareness and support both politically and financially simply by making it a priority in their own churches. It would also give a lot of comfort and encouragement to North Koreans who are hiding in China.