Recently, Family Research Council released two new brochures highlighting the dangers of human trafficking and what people need to know about Planned Parenthood. These brochures are bringing to light two issues that should be addressed by candidates this election.

Human trafficking is a growing problem, not just in the United States, but around the world. This crime is increasing, and according to Stop Child Trafficking Now, the statistics are alarming. Approximately, 2.8 million children run away from home, and one-third of them end up the victims of this tragic crime.

In our new brochure, J. Robert Flores, Esq. sheds light onto this crime, specifically sex trafficking and prostitution. This crime impacts all of us, and it is time for our leaders to take action. Flores explains the efforts that are taking place to combat sex trafficking and the steps you can take to prevent another child from becoming a victim to this crime.

Aside from human trafficking, another issue that is front and center is abortion. With Planned Parenthood being the largest abortion provider in the United States, there has been much controversy behind their practices. Jeanne Monahan, Director, Center for Human Dignity at FRC, has carefully documented the facts behind Planned Parenthoods practices, as well as its negative impact on womens health.

Please feel free to share these brochures with your friends and family and empower them to take action on these issues that threaten the family.