In a recent article called Unapologetic: Evangelical Christian, Pro-Life and Democrat, Jo Kadlecek, writing for The Huffington Post, makes some strong statements regarding Christianity and a whole life ethic. She states that as a young Christian woman she was drawn to the Democratic platform because to her being pro-life is more than trying to save innocent babies. It is to be and pro-education and pro-immigrant and pro-art. She supports natural marriage but she bemoans the lack of concern that she perceives in her Republican neighbors for the poor and downtrodden. She states that Republicans dont seem to care about anything except fighting big government, abortion and homosexuality... and keeping their guns.

When working through policy issues with my interns, I often remind them to make sure they know the real principles guiding any discussion. Being pro-life is about valuing life because it is God-given and necessary for all other human experience on earth. It is NOT about being pro-opportunities and pro jobs or any other such thing. No dead people have jobs, enjoy art, or get a good education. Being pro-life means you dont want innocent people to be murdered. A little state charity doesnt make a platform of murder more palatable. If a man ran for office, ended all poverty, gave everyone an ideal education, but every day stood outside the White House and presided over the legal killing of innocent Americans, no one would vote for him. That is what happens in America, only it is labeled choice. Innocent people are killed and not a single one of them gets a good education or a chance to have a good life. It is the first liberty without which the others cant be exercised.

When the author says that Republicans dont care about the poor, she means that many of them dont think the government is the means to solve these problems. The real question is not who cares about the poor but how should we help the poor. The author implies that government welfare carries more weight than life itself. I believe Christians should work, love, and give more than anyone because of what Christ gave for us. We love because He loved us. Modern liberalism is built on smoke. It says abortion is about privacy, big government is about poverty, homosexuality is about equality, and guns are about violence. These are all not the real issues. Fighting big government is about freedom. Fighting abortion is about life. Fighting for marriage is about righteousness and a healthy nation. Fighting for guns is about self-defense.

Proverbs says Open your mouth for the dumb [voiceless] in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. I will open my mouth for the voiceless unborn, and I will not support those who advocate murder. My friend, Rob Schwarzwalder, says it best when he urges Christians to consider the weightier matters. The blood of millions of innocent children cries loudly from the grave. This is a weighty matter. Will you speak for them?