Recently, Values and Capitalism, a project of the American Enterprise Institute, has published a blog post about how Christian hipsters are declaring the demise of capitalism.  First, I know what many of you are thinking...what exactly is a Christian hipster and how is capitalism over?

A Christian hipster, according to Brett McCracken, author of "Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide," is a young evangelical who strays from the typical stereotypes of the evangelicals of the 80s and 90s and prefers the progressive viewpoints, as well as intellectual Christianity.  While most evangelicals prefer to help Republicans, the Christian hipster prefers Barack Obama. 

Now that we have this lined out, it should not surprise you that a Christian hipster would consider capitalism over. 

Young Protestants today seem to be rebelling against the traditional Protestant work ethic because they associate it with a greedy, selfish, superficial version of the American Dream. Evangelical hipster culture implies that Christians should oppose capitalism and adopt pro-regulation, pro-environmentalism, pro-universal health care political positions to truly live a Christ-like life.

There is something wrong here. I am pretty certain that many Christian hipsters work hard. If they don't work hard, it becomes impossible to survive. In fact, if they would look at things, they would realize that they promote capitalism more than they think. Take for example, increased government regulations would squash freedom and innovation. This is surely something they might be against.

They do not realize though capitalism is all around them. After all, many of the products they use, whether it be Apple products or Starbucks coffee, received their start due to a capitalist society. It was the free market and innovation that brought many of the modern conveniences they rely upon to light.

So, is capitalism over? No. I have a feeling we will see a reversal from the Christian hipsters soon enough.