Swing states. Independents. Undecideds. Toss ups. Red states. Blue states. Do you ever wonder why if you are a Californian you are blue and nobody visits your state? Or why in rural Iowa you see the candidates so often you would think D.C. had moved to Des Moines? Why do Ohio, New Hampshire and Florida matter but Vermont, Georgia and Indiana dont? It is because in recent elections candidates have stopped trying to appeal to Americans and have instead divided the country into competing factions. But this should change.

I believe that most people in this country want to make it better. They have very different ideas for how to make it better but they have the same goal. I want a candidate who convinces the country of his positions and does not see himself as a red or blue but as an American. I believe the values such as justice, family stability, morality and liberty will appeal to voters in Hawaii and Oklahoma. Only since 2000 have we had such a focus on red and blue states. Heres a little history. In 1972 Nixon carried every state except Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.; in 74 Carter won most of the South but also carried New York, Pennsylvania and several New England states. In 80 Reagan won all but six states and in 84 all but one. In 88 Bush Sr. won 40 states including New Jersey, Michigan and California. In 92 Clinton won handily by carrying states from all parts of the nation including Georgia, Louisiana, Iowa and California. In 96 Clinton won big by carrying Florida, West Virginia, Arizona, and Missouri. Then in 2000 we had a very close race that was decided narrowly when Florida certified her vote giving Bush a few hundred vote lead in the state and a win in the Electoral College. Bush then captured Iowa and New Mexico while ceding New Hampshire. In 2008 President Obama won by garnering support from Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Colorado.

In recent history the method to win the presidency was to convince voters across the country to vote for you with Democrats and Republicans winning different states in different elections. Somehow, our political parties, news media and candidates for office have forgotten that we are not a coalition of competing groups in some sort of tenuous alliance but a nation united in its humanity.

Christianity has the most unifying message on the planet. It teaches a love for all while telling the truth. It does not pander to groups but appeals to all humanity with the good news of Christ. It is time our politics did the same.