My assignment for today is working the voting polling site at my local precinct. My county in Virginia, Prince William County, is a bellwether county for Virginia. The word to describe the activity at the voting site is intensity. One-third of the voters in my precinct have already voted by 11:00 a.m. and there is a steady and fairly heavy stream of voters that will pick up during the lunch hour and at the end of the day. Early voters waited close to 2 hours to vote and the average voting time is about 1 hour at this writing. It seems that we are witnessing what the polls have said.....a head to head race. Some voters have started to leave due to the long time in line, but there has been good opportunity to remind them of the importance of their vote and that the average precinct can be won or lost by 1-3 votes. Thankfully, that reminder has worked to help folks stay and make their vote count.

Voters seem to be on a mission too, as they arrive with their minds made up and most are determined to vote even if they arrive with several young children and are alerted that they will have a long wait. Some go back to get a stroller but return resolved to wait and vote. One man I encountered could hardly walk but he was determined to "vote against Obamacare" as he put it.

Of interest, most voters are respectful but resolved. A minor dustup occurred regarding some damaged signs of one of the candidates, but that is being resolved too. The lawyers and polling officials are respectful too, but it is all business. The serious decisions being made today are apparent to all these voters.

Heading back to the polls now and realizing how really important this poll working job is.