I came across a recent Fox News article telling the beautiful story a couple who recently passed away hours apart after 62 years of marriage. The man’s name was Melvin and the woman’s name was Doris. What a testimony of love and faithfulness. I am sure they had struggles along the way but it takes a great deal of character to be faithful for that long. Melvin was the only man Doris ever kissed and I expect that faithfulness to one man prepared her well for a long marriage.

My wife often tells me that I can’t die until our 70th anniversary. I don’t know if the Lord will grant me such a long life but if He does I hope to have the same testimony of continued faithfulness as this dear couple. We often fight politically for marriage but I think it is even more important that we daily strengthen our own. So if you read this go home and tell your spouse you love them, and celebrate the blessing that marriage can bring.