The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” – Psalm 14:1a (NIV)

While many people who seldom attend church will show up at Christmas and join in singing sacred hymns, there is at least one Grinch who sits on the Montana Supreme Court.

On December 17, the court ruled (on narrow grounds) against same-sex couples who were seeking marital benefits. Justice James C. Nelson wrote a long and polemical dissent. Toward the end, he opined that “the sexual-orientation taboo … will die because of education, science, and changing social mores….” Footnoting the word “science,” he wrote this at the bottom of the page:

Indeed, with every advancement in science, religion loses ground. The more humans learn and understand about the laws that actually control the universe, the less is their need to rely on gods, miracles, and myths to explain that which they do not understand.

While I have read many judicial opinions that expressed hostility to public expressions of religious faith, I have never seen one express such overt hostility to religion itself.

Fortunately, Justice Nelson is retiring. Perhaps, this Christmas, you might say a prayer for him.