Last week, FRC had the privilege of hosting Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers who talked about China’s forced sterilization and forced abortion policy.  She also discussed the use of abortion to end pregnancies for female babies (“gendercide”) as an expression of preference for boy children.  Follow this link to watch her presentation.

It was timely that the January 18 edition of the Financial Times published an important article entitled “Chinese Labo[r] Pool Begins to Drain.”  Jamil Anderlini (Beijing) and Ed Crooks (New York) relate that China’s working age population declined by 3.45 million in 2012.  They note, “Many analysts fear … that China’s ageing workforce could become a big drag on future growth.”  (The FT article is available without charge, but free registration at is required.  Look up “Jamal Anderlini” once you get access to the site if the link doesn’t take you to it.)

Roughly the same story was carried online by the News Network of India.  In this account,China’s one-child abortion policy was discussed:

Earlier, a government think-tank China Development Research Foundation said in its latest study that Chinese population is heading for negative growth and blamed the one child policy for ultra-low fertility rate resulting in related problems of ageing population, gender imbalances, urbanisation and an expanding shortage of migrant workers.

The China Development Research Foundation has an English language website, but it appears that the paper just referenced is only published in Chinese.

Perhaps, the most thought provoking aspect of Littlejohn’s talk was her linkage of the one-child policy to the police-state terror network that enforces it.  That massive network, she notes, is essential to keeping the Chinese Communist Party in power.  One can conclude that this linkage will make it especially difficult for the Party to reverse its abortion policy.

Clearly, the Chinese have unleashed forces that they can no longer control and which is devouring their civilization.  Demographic decline combined with massive gender imbalance of newborns