Ahh, another refreshing weekend has passed. I heard a live performance by some talented new musicians, went to a party, had drinks with some friends, and had a hot date with a beautiful young lady.

And now it’s Monday and back to work. But I don’t have a hangover, and I feel refreshed and ready. How can that be? Well, let me clarify a few things--the hot date was with my wife, the drinks were all of a type that don’t require an ID, the party was me and a couple friends watching football, and the live performance of musicians was a lovely ensemble of worshipful church songs.

This is pretty much a typical weekend for me. One in which I spend Sunday resting and worshipping the Lord at church. I have never started a Monday with a hangover, and there is almost no better way to get reinvigorated than spending time with fellow Christians.

God ceased His work on the Sabbath. Since then, man generally has operated on a seven-day week (with the exception of a failed French experiment with a 10 day week, but that is for another post), and Sunday has often been a day off work for even the non-religious.

A recent book by Dr. Matthew Sleeth indicates that God’s way really does work best. Dr. Sleeth suggests that the move to a more 24/7 society of the last 30 years is contributing to depression and anxiety. So, why not plan a crazy weekend and do something you haven’t done in ages--take a day off. You may even want to add in a trip to church. After all if God is right about sleep, it may be worth hearing more of what He has to say about the rest of life.