The Most Important Policy Issue of Today

In his recent article in Religion Today, FRC Senior Vice President Rob Schwarzwalder reflects on the recent March for Life and the anniversary of the decision of Roe v. Wade. He presents abortion as the most the most critical and important issue of today, comparable to the issue of slavery in the 1860s. Schwarzwalder also shows how those who are pro-life must go beyond just belief in the pro-life movement. We must put our beliefs into action. As Schwarzwalder points out:

“Adoption clearly is essential. So are public education efforts and legislative initiatives at every level of government. The more than 2,000 pregnancy care centers around the country offer practical hope to countless women who feel trapped in a pregnancy they do not want. Shelters and clothing orchards and ultrasounds and medical care and stay-in-school programs and being taken-in by caring Christian families: these and all things related to them should be advanced by believers in Christ with energy and love”

Why Women in Combat is a “Dangerous Social Experiment”

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is allowing women in the military to go into combat roles. Certainly women have been in combat roles already after the horrific events of 9/11 and many have already lost their lives. They are to be acclaimed for their courage and capabilities. So, should the new policy be commended? Absolutely not, according to Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.), Executive Vice President at FRC, who has served in the Army for 36 years and was an original member of the Delta Force. He says that, “Under the policy, women may end up being placed in infantry and Special Forces battalions and other front line combat units.” Boykin goes on to state in his recent article for CNN that:

“This combat environment -- now containing males and females -- will place a tremendous burden on combat commanders. Not only will they have to maintain their focus on defeating the enemy in battle, they will have to do so in an environment that combines life-threatening danger with underlying sexual tensions. This is a lot to ask of the young leaders, both men and women, who will have to juggle the need to join and separate the sexes within the context of quickly developing and deadly situations.”

The “1 Percent” of Abortions Speak Out and Making a Difference

Bob Morrison, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, highlights the life of Ryan Bomberger, a key speaker at the recent pro-life gathering at the Virginia State Capitol. Bomberger was conceived through rape. Because of a brave and loving mother, he is alive, well, and exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood. As Morrison states:

“Ryan’s life is dedicated to life. He and his wife have adopted some and given birth to some. They are the model for how God’s love transforms lives. Planned Parenthood says unplanned means unwanted and unwanted means unloved. And if you’re unloved, it’s better for you never to have lived at all. This is what my friend, the late Rev. Richard Neuhaus, called their ‘lethal logic.’”

You can read more of Ryan’s incredible story and how he exposes Planned Parenthood’s lies in Morrison’s recent article in National Review.

Ken Blackwell Comments on the GOP Message

Ken Blackwell, Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at FRC, comments on the message of the GOP as well as the need to keep the principles of limited government.  You can view his video here.

Rob Schwarzwalder Quoted in Article Commending New March for Life President

Rob Schwarzwalder is quoted in a National Catholic Register article about his former co-worker, Jeanne Monahan, who is now president of March for Life.

FRC’s MARRI Program is Cited in Steven Crowder Article on Fox News

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