Robert Morrison Highlights Media Deception

The issue of life is certainly one of upmost importance, but if the media is known to paint pictures in their own light, we need to ensure that the public sees the entire picture--and in the correct lighting. FRC’s Senior Fellow, Robert Morrison, highlights the deception in media regarding the pro-life movement and reminds readers how to defend the stance of life in his article featured in National Review.

Lt. General Boykin on Fox News Regarding Women in Combat

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.-USA), Executive Vice President at FRC, was recently interviewed on Fox News Sunday to discuss women in combat and the issues that should be addressed after the recent announcement of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to allow women to be on the frontlines. Watch the General’s interview here.

Tony Perkins Speaks Out Concerning Possible Policy Reconsideration for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America have a decades-old policy that does not allow homosexual behavior. Recently, they have decided to possibly reconsider this policy under pressure. Tony Perkins comments in USA Today saying that the possible reconsideration is “a serious mistake.”

Ken Klukowski’s Addresses Second Amendment Issues

Ken Klukowski, Director, Center for Religious Liberty at FRC, writes about how former mayor of Cincinnati, Ken Blackwell (who now serves as Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at FRC), views the importance of our Second Amendment rights and how to fight the trending, yet dangerous policies from the White House limiting the freedom to bear arms. This article also detailed how this battle will be in the spotlight leading up to the 2016 elections. Read Klukowski’s article featured on Breit Bart’s website here.