Well, the New York Times published an article Tuesday documenting virulently anti-Semitic remarks made by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi in 2010.  Here is the first paragraph of the story:

CAIRO— Nearly three years ago, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood delivered a speech urging Egyptians to “nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred” for Jews and Zionists. In a television interview months later, the same leader described Zionists as “these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.”

Now, aren’t you glad President Obama has hitched America’s wagon to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood?  Wonderful.  Let’s shovel a few more billion dollars to Egypt and throw in some jet fighters and Abrams tanks.  The Chinese will lend us the money at a great interest rate.

Yet, we should be reassured by Seth Mandel’s posting on the Commentary magazine blog.  He takes note of a column from Bloomberg with the headline, “Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are.’” Apparently, Mr. Obama said this “privately and repeatedly.”  That must make it true.  (It also indicates that the President’s aides have a different understanding of “privately” than he does.)

Frankly, I think Israel probably had Mr. Morsi pegged as its enemy and as an enemy of the West (i.e., the United States) a long time ago.  Mr. Obama probably hasn’t figured it out yet.  I think I will bet that Israel has a better understanding of its national interests than does Mr. Obama.