CNN is asking its website visitors to share their abortion stories as part of their iReport series. Some have documented the feelings of regret and remorse for having an abortion, while some are speaking favorably about decisions to undergo the procedure.

FRC has produced research showing the emotional impact of abortion on women. The evidence shows that abortion’s impact is detrimental to a woman for the rest of her life, especially after realizing the pain and suffering the child experiences during the procedure. Dr. Martha Shuping and FRC’s Chris Gacek, Ph.D. looked into the psychiatric impact of abortion in their booklet, “Post Abortion Suffering: A Psychiatrist Looks at the Effects of Abortion,” and found that women suffered life-altering depression, thoughts of suicide, and such delayed reactions as flashbacks from the procedure years after it occurred.

Instead of asking website visitors to submit stories of past abortions, CNN should have met privately with women willing to share their stories and shared information with the public on the psychological effects abortion has had on them. One can only hope if CNN uses these videos for a future story that they will shed the light on the harm abortion causes to the mother and the child.