FRC Urges People to Continue Calling the Boy Scouts

FRC, along with many other groups, have committed to promoting values and religious freedom for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The BSA is being financially and politically threatened to change their policy that requires members and leaders to be “morally straight.” Despite the phone lines possibly being tied up, FRC urges people to contact BSA’s headquarters to tell the BSA to keep their timeless values. Last July the Boy Scouts came to a sound decision that after a two-year study, including parental input, the BSA would stand with its founding principles. However, they are reconsidering again and should release a statement next week. Tony Perkins stated:

“The BSA national leadership were not prepared for the thousands of Americans who were shocked to hear that an organization that could always be counted on for standing for what's right was about to cave in to homosexual activists and corporations…It is so important that you keep the pressure on, to show them how devastating this moral collapse will be for the Scouts and the country.”

Peter Sprigg Addresses Religious Discrimination

FRC’s Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, Peter Sprigg, was recently seen on Fox News regarding a story where Muslim students cited the pledge of allegiance in Arabic, but referred to “one nation under God” as “one nation under Allah.” Other instances across the country were mentioned including students being taken to mosques on a school field trip and another school allows students to leave class for Muslim prayer. Yet, a first grader was told by her district to remove the word “God” in a poem she wrote about her grandfather and a substitute teacher was fired because he gave a Bible to a student who asked for one.

FRC’s Scout Dad and Peter Sprigg Report on Possible Boy Scout Policy Change

Rob Schwarzwalder, FRC’s Senior Vice-President, was quoted on NPR this morning regarding the Boy Scout’s possible policy change. As a father of two sons in the Boy Scouts, he stated that even letting individual troops decide the policy would cause much division and because a strong majority of troops are sponsored by churches, “Many will simply lose their charters.” Peter Sprigg was also interviewed by Southern California Public Radio (starting at the 7:30 minute mark) regarding the issue in which he states that the policy change would be a “grave mistake” and would bring “disaster for membership” because of so many parents who support the current policy.