Grieving the Deaths of a Woman and her Daughter

Jennifer McKenna Morbelli was a beautiful, young, pre-school teacher. She was 33 weeks pregnant when she went to have an abortion in Maryland. Jennifer’s daughter, Madison, was killed in the abortion clinic. A few days later, Jennifer died due to the fatal complications of the late-term abortion. It is a tragic loss and our hearts go out to the Jennifer and Madison’s family. Anna Higgins, FRC’s Director of Center for Human Dignity, spoke at the memorial and press conference hosted by Maryland Coalition for Life. She called for the state of Maryland to uphold their laws put in place to protect women, both inside and outside of the womb, as well as to end the horrible practice of abortion in the state.(29:30-33:00)

Impact of Intact Families

The Index of Family Belonging and Rejection, authored by Pat Fagan, Ph.D., Nicholas Zill, Ph.D., and Henry Potrykus, Ph.D., was cited in CNS News and The Washington Examiner. The Index’s research shows that children of intact families are more likely to succeed in education. Intact families also increase employment, especially for males between the ages of 25-54. Marriage is an important key in creating a stable and flourishing society. Fagan and Potrykus state:

"The state has hitherto ignored the importance of the intact married family in shaping the outcomes of its social policies. This neglect of marriage is an error of historical proportions."

On the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI

Ken Blackwell, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment, describes the recent renunciation of the Pope to that of George Washington. Blackwell shows in his article featured on that both honorable men chose to give up the power they had for the betterment of the people. Blackwell honors Pope Benedict by stating:

“Pope Benedict XVI has never marched to the media’s drumbeat. He did not seek to satisfy the agenda of the hour. Instead, the Pope reminded the City and the World what it was in danger of forgetting: God is love.”