Head Start: Study Proves How Not to Get Our Kids Ahead

In an article on The Tribune-Review’s website, Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow for Legal Studies at FRC discusses how the Head Start Program is a perfect example of why government should not provide universal preschool.Ruse cites the recent study released about Head Start and how much taxpayer money is contributing to the program, and argues that it would be much better to strengthen family units to benefit the lives of the young children.

The Ten Commandments Shall Not be Moved

Ken Klukowski, FRC’s Director, Center for Religious Liberty, wrote an article for Breitbart about a lawsuit from the ACLU representing a man who supposedly wanted to buy property near a Florida courthouse. The courthouse had a large Ten Commandments display, and the plaintiff claimed that the display caused “injury.” However, the plaintiff later revealed that he really did not want to buy the property and the case was dismissed.