Tony Perkins on Fox News

FRC President Tony Perkins, was interviewed on Fox News to address the policy reconsideration of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). During the inteview, Perkins shared the long-standing morals of the BSA and the need for them to stand firm in their values. He also discussed the BSA’s 2-year study that lead to their decision last July to keep the policy that members and leaders are to be “morally straight,” as well as the importance of parental input. Perkins stated that the policy reconsideration is “a choice between the boys and the corporate dollars.”

FRC’s Ad to Boy Scouts: Show Courage

FRC’s new ad takes a stand for morality and urges the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to do the same. The ad states reasons as to why the BSA should stand firm in their moral values and has been signed by 41 other organizations. It has been featured on the websites of Fox News and CNS News. Please read and share the ad, contact the BSA, and stand for moral values! The decision is expected to be reached this week and your participation is vital!

On the Nomination of Chuck Hagel

FRC’s Senior Fellows, Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, discuss the recent nomination from the Obama administration of Senator Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense in this Huffington Post article. Blackwell and Morrison state that Senator Hagel “made alarming statements” during his senate career and “opposed economic sanctions against Iran,” a current threat to the United States and its allies. Senator Hagel also “opposed naming the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.” You can read more of Blackwell and Morrison’s key insight concerning the important issue of the nation’s defense and why Senator Hagel is not the best pick for the position here.