President Obama wants nearly 30 new government programs, but says they won't cost anything. He wants to encumber businesses of all sizes with an unworkable health care plan whose thousands of pages are only now beginning to be fully understood, but says he wants to reduce health care costs. He calls for creating a stronger, more vibrant middle class, but wants to put four year-olds in pre-school. He calls for fatherhood as a moral imperative, but wants to redefine marriage. He applauds America for being a land of laws and justice, but his Cabinet officers ignore multiple Freedom of Information Act requests from around the nation.

I guess I'm kind of like the President. I'd like to eat prime rib and ice cream several times a day without gaining weight. I'd like to climb all of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks without cracking a sweat. I'd like to win an Olympic gold medal without having to train. And why doesn't someone just give me a Ph.D. without my having to study or write dissertation? After all, I want it.

Mr. Obama lives in a twilight world of utopian dreams and impractical policies. His goals, his means, and his ideas are about as compatible as Mike Tyson and Tiny Tim.

Politics, like life, is about choices, often hard ones. Mr. Obama's self-contradictory policy proposals collapse under the weight of incoherence. Our nation loses as a result.