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Dear Friends,

Orthodox Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein has written a startling column on called, "Are Christians the New Jews?" Consider these words:

Even where Jews were tolerated, they were treated as the refuse of mankind ... Today, Christians--especially those who take their faith most seriously--report that they feel like a scorned stepchild within general culture. They are mocked and derided, and treated as intellectual pygmies who have nothing to offer the better, more enlightened people around them.

The Rabbi's perceptive comments reflect the growing sense among many American Christians that the collaboration of social and governmental forces working to diminish religious liberty is becoming stronger and more purposeful. We are not facing the physical persecution so many believers experience around the world, but rather its precursors: cultural isolation, political marginalization, and a general stereotyping that would be unacceptable were it directed toward virtually any other self-identified community.

Where does this leave us? Do we retreat into the quiet precincts of home and church, reducing our faith to an innocuous pietism, hoping that the forces that disdain us will leave us alone if only we keep to ourselves? Or do we face the reality that aggressive evil has an all-consuming appetite, and continue to labor "with grace and truth," both, for our God-given rights and hard won liberties, not only for ourselves but for all of our fellow citizens?

Readers of The Social Conservative Review know what my answer to that question is, as it reflects their own. Cowardice and complacency are not part of the Gospel. Thanks for standing, bravely and for right.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice President
Family Research Council

P.S. Be sure to sign FRC's petition to the Boy Scouts of America in which we urge the Scouts to "show character and courage in the face of adversity."

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