Surrender the Secret “Letter to Lawmakers” highlights the government’s serious abdication of the duty to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens:

Some of the very first words written upon the conception of the United States immortalized the universal truth that all men are equal and are have the inherent right to life. As this right is given by God alone, it is not within the power of any man to infringe upon it. The Declaration of Independence goes on to note that the purpose of government is to make sure that these fundamental rights -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- are protected. It was for these very principles that our founders and the first American citizens, in reliance on “the protection of divine Providence,” pledged their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor.”

These founding principles, so integral to the development and success of our nation, have been eroded over time as fewer and fewer of our leaders and citizens understand that the future success of this country depends on the adherence to those principles. Power, entitlements, and the almighty dollar have replaced our dedication to the protection of life and liberty. The consequences are devastating.

In the fourth episode of Surrender the Secret, KnockTV’s groundbreaking abortion recovery reality show, the women participating in the recovery Bible study reflect on anger they have dealt with following their abortions. While all the letters are incredibly moving and poignant, one particular letter stands out in that it addresses the failure of our nation’s leaders to protect women and children from the evils of abortion. The harm that has been done is immeasurable.

The woman addresses this letter to all lawmakers who participated in the passage of legislation legalizing abortion. She begins by asking the question why these lawmakers believe that what they have done is right. She then addresses the fact that many women and men have been deceived by the pro-abortion propaganda that is often touted by legislators and that massive emotional and psychological devastation have resulted. Part of the letter focuses on the many lives lost as a result of abortion and asks, “Have you ever thought about the children who were not allowed to be born? What their lives might have been like? What kind of people they might have been? … Maybe you have, maybe not. For whatever reason, what you have felt has not been strong enough to influence you to do the right thing by choosing life.” She ends the letter by emphasizing that this child they call a “fetus” is actually a human being, completely separate from his mother, and as such, has a right to life. She signs the letter, “Sincerely, still grieving after 25 years -- Mother of an aborted child.”

This letter is profound in its simplicity. It obviously comes from the heart of this grieving mother and it reflects what we all know to be true if we are honest with ourselves -- that abortion ends innocent life and destroys women. We will never know what the future would have been for the precious lives already taken, but we can make sure that no other life is robbed of possibility.

It is time that our leaders, past and present, address this failure to protect the most innocent of American citizens as well as the failure to acknowledge the harm that has been perpetrated on women and families in the name of “choice” and “reproductive rights.”

The fear of admitting fault is what has kept many of our judicial and legislative leaders from addressing this injustice, at the expense of millions of lives. There is no life goal, dollar amount, or legislative gain worth the price of one innocent life - let alone millions of lives. The protection of life and liberty was so important to our founders that they were willing to give their lives in pursuit of it. Are we not willing to pay even a fraction of that price? Yes, it may cost an election, a powerful position or the ability to live a life of ease and comfort, but that cost pales in comparison to the chance to put an end to the greatest human rights abuse of our time. This is a cause to which we should all be willing to pledge out lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.