Tony Perkins Addresses the “Flip Flop” on the White House’s Marriage Stance

FRC’s President Tony Perkins was cited in USA Today, The Washington Times and McClatchy regarding the Obama Administration's recent amicus brief that voiced for Proposition 8 be overturned by the Supreme Court. Perkins was quoted saying that the briefing was a “flip-flop” from the President who previously stated last year that marriage was “an issue that is going to be worked out at the local level.” Perkins also pointed out that the President is “putting allegiance to extreme liberal social policies ahead of constitutional principle.”

The Supreme Court will hear California’s Proposition 8 Case on March 26th.

MARRI's Index of Family Belonging in The Baltimore Sun

MARRI’s recent release of the third annual Index of Family Belonging was highlighted in The Baltimore Sun. The index discusses the impacts of broken and intact families and their effects on society. MARRI’s Pat Fagan points out that sadly, according to the study, "The majority of American adults can't stand each other enough to raise the kids they brought into existence." You can read the Index of Family Belonging here.