The Fight for Marriage

Peter Sprigg, FRC's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, was interviewed in a story featured on Fox 5 News (DC affiliate) that discussed former President Clinton’s change of mind on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Peter Sprigg compared the upcoming DOMA appeal case to the decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973 and stated the Supreme Court:

“thought they were going to settle once and for all time a controversial social issue. Instead all they did was inflame it and it’s still as hot today as 40 years later as it was then. I think the court, even the liberal members of the court, learned from that mistake.”

FRC Applauds Arkansas on Strictest Abortion Ban

FRC was cited in the New York Times for their support for Arkansas recent bill that outlaws abortions at 12 weeks, when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. The author of the bill, State Senator Jason Rapert, stated that “Hopefully we can awaken the nation.”  The article states that:

“Evangelical groups like the Family Research Council in Washington are among the enthusiastic promoters of fetal-heartbeat limits.”

On the Eligibility of Ted Cruz

Ken Klukowski, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at FRC, discusses the requirements and definitions of natural-born citizenship and how that applies to Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility for President. Klukowski’s article on concludes by stating:

“If Cruz runs for the White House, then one of his opponents in the primary would have standing to sue in federal court to argue Cruz is ineligible. But the smart money would be on a court agreeing that Cruz is as eligible as anyone else who was born an American citizen.”