Conservatives Don’t Just Oppose Gay ‘Marriage,’ They Strongly Oppose It

FRC’s President Tony Perkins wrote an article recently featured on about how the RNC should care about all Americans, but they should not compromise their principles, specifically on the issue of marriage. Perkins states:

“Values issues are not just the backbone of social conservatism, but the gateway to minority outreach. If the GOP wants to improve its relationship with Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans, it had better start by emphasizing the family issues they care about - instead of dividing the Republican family it already has.”

Boykin: America’s New Pollyanna War Tactics

FRC’s Executive Vice President, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.-USA), discusses how America’s missile defense system is vital to the protection of its citizens in an recent article in The Washington Times. According to the article, North Korea “just detonated its third and largest nuclear bomb and proudly acknowledges it is ‘targeted at the United States.’” Boykin shows how sequestration could weaken our defense systems and the severe threat that North Korea poses on the United States. Assuming that North Korea will disarm simply because we do is a serious mistake. Boykin points out that for now,

“All we need to do is modernize our nuclear deterrent and slowly improve our missile defenses — affordable, achievable goals if they are not sabotaged by a Pollyanna-style foreign policy or partisan budget gridlock.”