Tony Perkins in USA Today

FRC’s President Tony Perkins was highlighted in a recent USA Today article that highlights leaders who stand for traditional marriage. Perkins was quoted saying that “there will be collateral damage to other freedoms” if gay ‘marriage’ is legal.

New Report: Women’s Average Age for Child Bearing is Lower than Marriage

Dr. Pat Fagan, Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) at FRC, was quoted in a recent article in CNS News which discussed a new report that reveals the median age of women having their first child is lower than the age of women who get married. Dr. Fagan stated:

“The prevailing social ethos in today’s culture that ‘anything goes’ results in a disconnect between this kind of data and its moral implications…The social science data reflects the reality…So we have a contrast between the reality and the moral discourse about the reality…We can look at the numbers, but we can’t discuss the principles behind them…Even though they may be glaring at us, we cannot talk about them.’”