Tony Perkins to GOP Leadership: Stop the ‘Government Assault on Our First Freedom’

FRC President Tony Perkins was quoted in a CNS News article concerning the GOP House leaders who could have stopped the HHS mandate requiring employers to provide abortion drugs and contraceptives, even if it goes against their conscience. Perkins stated:

“Our message to the Republican leadership is: We are not interested in another vote on this issue that ‘addresses our concern.’ …We want a resolution on this government assault on our first freedom. The House leadership should reconsider its decision not to place this language on the Continuing Resolution.”

Pat Fagan’s Research Highlighted in the Topeka Capital-Journal

Dr. Pat Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director, MARRI, was highlighted in the Topeka Capital-Journal for his research on intact families. In the article, Dr. Fagan's research shows that intact families who worship regularly will have better chances of prospering in life. As Dr. Fagan states:

“Kids thrive in marriage. The more family intactness, the more you get the positive outcomes… When nested in the religious community, they thrive even more…Intact marriage, high religious worship and fertility. Key to a functioning society. Key to a thriving child. Key to all the outcomes you want — income, savings, health, mental health, less crime, more education,"