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Dear Friends,

Parents matter.

That truth increasingly is not self-evident in a society where gender identity, marriage and even any common cultural understanding of what masculinity and femininity mean are up for grabs.

So, let me go out on a limb and assert that children need a female mother and a male father who stay married and create a home where love, discipline, fidelity, work, and worship are the steady undercurrents of life. And that masculine and feminine, derived fundamentally from one's gender, are terms with objective meaning.

Can children survive without a mom and a dad who live together in the covenant of marriage? Sure. Can they do as well psychologically, economically, educationally, or spiritually without a traditional parental arrangement? No - check out the data documented by FRC's Marriage and Religion Research Institute.

The Boy Scouts of America is under attack by those who want to pretend that gender, sexual attraction, and parental guidance in matters of human sexuality don't matter. FRC is leading the charge to stop them. Why? Because of our enduring confidence that (get ready) men are men and women are women, and that the differences (a) are real and (b) should be celebrated and honored.

This is not about denying opportunity, stereotyping, misogyny, or anything appertaining thereto. It's about common sense, and the future of our children. Thanks for partnering with us in their defense.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice-President
Family Research Council

P.S. Please plan to join FRC - in person at our DC headquarters or online, at no cost - for an event next week featuring two of America's leading historians. On March 20th, we'll be joined by Drs. Daniel Dreisbach (American University) and James Hutson (chief manuscript historian at the Library of Congress) as they talk about "Scripture, Rights, and Religion in American History."

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