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Today in History: Washington and Hitler

by Family Research Council

April 30, 2013

On this day in 1789, George Washington became the first president under the Constitution of the United States of America. A great man in both stature and character, who could have been king but relinquished his command to Congress. He was then elected to the nation’s highest office after the ratification of the Constitution. It reminds me of the Scriptural phrase “he who humbles himself will be exalted.” It is not a coincidence that one of our most revered national heroes gave up a chance at a great power. It is reported that King George III stated when he heard Washington would relinquish his command and return to his farm, “If he does that he will be the greatest man in the world.” High praise from the monarch of one of the world’s leading powers! Not only did Washington achieve great fame and popularity in his own day, he also set a precedent for a peaceful transition of power and for a two term limit on presidential power both of which are followed to this day. Washington’s country has endured longer under one Constitution and form of government than any other today.

Another leader cemented his place in history on this day in 1945, Adolf Hitler. In a bunker in Germany, the man who would have ruled the world and began a thousand-year Reich died in a most ignominious way—suicide. A man who exalted himself and his race above others and brutally murdered all who stood in his way was brought low. The supreme leader of one of the greatest military machines the world has ever seen lost all of his power in just a few years. It sent his country into a time of division and turmoil. The thousand-year Reich became a ruin in a few short years. What a contrast with the great George Washington.

The man who led a raggedy band of colonials against the greatest military in the world and won handed over his authority and rode home. And in that moment became one of the great men of antiquity. A man who led the mightiest military machine in the world and lifted himself up in every way was defeated and consigned the historical trash heap of world despots. The lessons to be learned from these men are many. Our politicians would be wise today to consider what a true leader does. A true leader knows when to stand and fight against all odds, like Washington at Valley Forge, and a true leader does not see himself as great but sees himself as a servant of something greater. An evil leader only sees the present and is fearful of preserving his reputation and power. In his desire to hold on, he soon finds power and fame are fleeting. Washington walked away from everything and became a legend. Hitler grabbed for everything and became a monster.

Another great man once said, “A man is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” In the city that bears our first President’s namesake I hope there are some great men left.

Washington Examiner: DOJ should Investigate Southern Poverty Law Center for Consumer Fraud

by JP Duffy

April 29, 2013

Today, a Washington Examiner editorial called on federal government agencies to stop “bolstering” the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-Christian organization that has been linked in federal court to the domestic terrorist shooting at Family Research Council.  Instead, the Examiner suggests that the Department of Justice should consider investigating the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for consumer fraud:

What should be questioned, however, is why federal officials are bolstering this richly endowed group that critics across the political spectrum have long said does little besides enrich Dees and viciously slander groups he dislikes. The Justice Department’s Feb. 6, 2012, Civil Rights Summit, for example, featured SPLC spokesman Mark Potok, and SPLC speakers have been promoted by DOJ at similar events in Kansas and Arkansas. Instead of endorsing the SPLC in this manner, maybe the Justice Department should be investigating it for consumer fraud.”

The credibility of the SPLC has suffered in recent weeks after the revelation that the organization appears to have mislead investigators in the Texas District Attorney murders. The SPLC was also wrong when it attempted to blame “right wing groups” for the Gabby Giffords shooting.  The Examiner, and Gov. Mike Huckabee are exactly right. The SPLC is a thoroughly discredited organization that should no longer be promoted in anyway by government agencies.  

P.S. The Court announced today that the sentencing of Floyd Corkins has been rescheduled for July 15, 2013.

French Resistance Determined, Undeterred

by Robert Morrison

April 29, 2013

Despite the action of the French Senate that redefined marriage last week, the advocates of true marriage remain determined and undeterred. Calling themselves La Manif pour Tous (Demonstration for All), these champions are taking their case to the French people.  They have scheduled another mass demonstration for Paris on May 26th. The international media—as always—is on the other side. Last week, they reported scattered clashes with police following the French legislature’s cave-in as a violent reaction.

France has a long history of street protests. And the French are well aware of the agents provocateurs—those who seek to use any scuffle as a pretext to bring violence to the streets. In this case, they could use such claims of violent protests to try to de-legitimize the genuinely popular uprising for marriage.

Part of this new movement is Les Veilleurs. These are French youth who gather nightly to share their love for literature, poetry, and music. These, in turn, have inspired Les Meres Veilleuses. These are mothers holding vigil for children’s rights to a mother and father and they are taking their case to the people. Les Veilleurs are described as a kind of “anti-Mai 68” movement.

This is very important. It was in May 1968, that the left staged a nationwide uprising that sought to bring down the government of President Charles de Gaulle. They very nearly succeeded. De Gaulle rallied the people of France to save the Fifth Republic—and in reality to save French democracy itself.

Still, those street radicals—especially Communist theorists and their sympathizers in the media—have had a huge influence in French life ever since. As in the U.S., street radicals took baths, donned coats and ties, and began their long march through the institutions.

Thus, we see soixante huitards (“sixty-eighters”) applauding this latest assault on the family and the future of France. They realize that the greatest barriers to Marxism have always been the family, the church, and small private firms. Thus, they need to crush all these mediating institutions. They seek to suppress resistance, using law and intimidation and their dominance in the media to achieve their results.

As in the U.S., with certain Republicans losing heart and throwing up their hands in fear or resignation, we saw some members of the conservative UMP opposition party cave in to pressures and vote for the end of marriage. There will be no opportunity for a French version of the TEA Party to make its will known in national legislative elections until 2017.

In the meantime, though, the Manif can look to the constitutional council to disallow some portions of the faux marriage law. And they can seek support in the 2014 municipal elections. Already, many mayors are announcing their refusal to bend to this latest assault on the families and future of France. They need our support (and our prayers).

Why should we Americans take such an interest in France? It was in 1979 that Pope John Paul II returned to his captive homeland. We saw then a million Poles crying out “We want God!” Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and presidential candidate Ronald Reagan paid careful attention to what the Poles were saying. Together with the Pope, they began the long-overdue process of liberation of hundreds of millions of people shackled to Communism behind the Iron Curtain.

The left also took note. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, they realize they cannot achieve Marxism through the secret police and the obvious oppression of a one-party dictatorship. But they believe they can achieve Socialism democratically by breaking down family, church, and family-owned businesses. This is the real objective of the left in America. It is what President Hollande seeks to do in France.

In France, however, President Hollande’s economic performance is yielding sparse results. His approval ratings have sunk to record lows in just one year. As the French economy stagnates, discontent rises.

We have everything to learn from the French, from their courage and conviction on the marriage issue. We should pay careful attention to how they frame this issue, too.

The French put children at the center of the debate. Everyone deserves a mother and a father, they say. It is a human right and a child’s greatest need.

The French have recognized that “womb prostitution” (called surrogacy here) is a form of exploitation of poor and vulnerable women. They have made this illegal in France. And one of their strongest arguments against ending marriage is that it will lead to more of this womb prostitution.

If the French resistance succeeds, it will give great inspiration to Americans. At our best, Americans were not ashamed to learn from such brilliant French thinkers as Montesquieu and Tocqueville. Today, we can take lessons from the Manif pour Tous!

Marchons, Concitoyens! Fellow citizens, let’s march!

FRC In the News: April 29, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

April 29, 2013

Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist For Religious Tolerance Policy

Ken Klukowski, FRC’s Director for Center for Religious Liberty, explains how the Pentagon is being advised on religious “tolerance” in his recent article on Klukowski informs readers about Mikey Weinstein’s policies on “religious tolerance.” One of those policies is “court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian Gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops.” Klukowski states:

“Regarding those who teach orthodox Christian beliefs from the Bible, Weinstein concludes, ‘Let’s call these ignoble actions what they are: the senseless and cowardly squallings of human monsters. ‘Weinstein then endorses the ultra-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who publishes a list of ‘hate groups.’ Alongside truly deplorable organizations like the KKK, the SPLC’s list includes a host of traditional Christian organizations (for their support of traditional marriage) and Tea Party organizations (for supporting limited government). Weinstein says SPLC correctly labels them all as “hate groups.”’

Anna Higgins Quoted in USA Today

Anna Higgins, FRC’s Director for Center for Human Dignity, was quoted in a recent USA Today article regarding the Gosnell trial and combats those who argue that the Gosnell case is “unusual.” Higgins states:

“How can he be sure? …We don’t have regular inspections in most states.”

Question: Are Peter, Paul, and Mary Bigots, Too?

by Robert Morrison

April 29, 2013

One of the reasons I have confidence in the eventual success of our defense of true marriage is that the left must overreach. They cannot help themselves. In order to end marriage in America, in the world, they have to brand anyone who opposes them a bigot. They have to label and libel. It’s what they do.

This spring, they have been on a roll. Some politicians and some talking heads throw up their hands as they throw in the towel. “It’s inevitable,” they sigh.

Well, I take inspiration from those saints of the past—Peter, Paul, and Mary. Relax, O’Reilly, I’m not thumping my Bible at you. I don’t mean Saints Peter and Paul and the Blessed Virgin Mary, I mean that amazing folk music trio.

Peter, Paul, and Mary got their start in New York’s Greenwich Village and proceeded from there to become a national sensation in the early 1960s. Their greatest moment may have been when they performed their hit song, “If I had a hammer” live at Dr. Martin Luther King’s great Civil Rights March on Washington on August 28, 1963.

That was a great event, to be sure. And it was some years before the American left started singing “if I had a hammer and sickle.” But my favorite Peter, Paul, and Mary song remains “The Wedding Song.”

It’s an amazing song that must have been played at a million weddings since those halcyon days when this folk rock phenomenon hit the pop music scene. It’s wonderful just to consider the lyrics. “What shall be the meaning of becoming man and wife?”

For nearly fifty years, until her untimely death in 2009, Mary Travers teamed up with Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow. They performed at every peace rally, every anti-nuke, pro-McGovern rally. They were an indispensable part of the political and social left.

I’m not unaware of the spectrum colors in this Paul Stookey YouTube recording of the Wedding Song. That adds a note of irony to his performance.

Question for the left: Are Peter, Paul, and Mary bigots, too? Is the mere fact that they knew what marriage was for fifty years enough to brand them as hate-filled?

Didn’t we all know what marriage was before some of us evolved? And here’s another delicious irony: If we had all evolved as President Obama has evolved, there might be no conflict at all. We might not be here.

Of course, even the most enthusiastic backers of punctuated equilibrium would find it hard to imagine an evolution in Nature as rapid as that of Barack Obama. In 2008, he said: “Marriage is between a man and a woman, and God is in the mix.” Who moved?

FRC In the News: April 26, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

April 26, 2013

CNS News and Newsbusters Report on FRC Shooting

CNS News has given some of the best coverage so far concerning the release of the video of the shooting at Family Research Council that took place on August 15, 2012. Their recent article shows the video release and gives accurate information about the shooting incident, interrogation, and trial.

Newsbusters’ Matthew Balan wrote an article detailing how CBS News “This Morning” had a special 18-second news brief on the security video, while the morning shows on both ABC News and NBC News ignored the footage.

General Boykin Quoted About Pentagon Blocking Access to SBC Website

FRC’s Executive Vice President, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.-USA), was quoted in a recent Fox News article about the Pentagon blocking access to the Southern Baptist Convention website.  According to the article, “Southern Baptist chaplains reported that had been blocked at military installations around the nation.”

General Boykin, who served in the Army for 36 years stated:

This is another example of the growing hostility toward evangelical Christians in the armed forces…Ironically, the very people who are sworn to support and defend the rights provided in the U.S. Constitution are being denied the right to exercise those rights individually.”

Obama Admin Asks SCOTUS to Take NLRB Recess Appointment Case

Ken Klukowski, FRC’s Director for Centerof Religious Liberty, wrote an article featured on about a recent ruling in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  The ruling stated that the President violated the Constitution when he “declared the U.S. Senate to be in recess….and that therefore he could fill top-level execute-branch positions without Senate confirmation.” This was considered unconstitutional, because the Senate was really in session “and was holding periodic sessions to meet constitutional requirements.” The U.S. Solicitor General filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking if they would reverse the unanimous ruling given by the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling. Klukowski states:

A win would send the issue back to the D.C. Circuit, for them to decide whether a president has the power to declare the Senate to be in recess anytime there are not enough senators on the Senate floor to conduct business. (Which, taken to its logical conclusion, means that any time the Senate breaks for lunch or goes home at night that the president could appoint Cabinet secretaries or even Supreme Court justices, though all such recess appointments are for less than two years.) It is very likely the High Court will grant Verrilli’s petition in this major separation-of-powers case, and so this matter can be expected to be argued at the Court late this year, with a decision before July 2014.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee calls Southern Poverty Law Center one of the “Biggest Frauds in America”

by JP Duffy

April 26, 2013

Earlier today, General Jerry Boykin,FRC’s Executive Vice President appeared on Mike Huckabee’s radio show to discuss the release of a new video that shows the Southern Poverty Law Center’s link to the terrorist shooting at Family Research Council on August 15.  

In the interview, Governor Huckabee said, “I am going to do everything I can to expose the Southern Poverty Law Center for the fraud that it is…for the complete disingenuous service that it does to this country by falsely and I think just ridiculously naming decent organizations as ‘hate groups.’  They should be held accountable for the manner in which they have created the acrimonious… environment in this country and have done all kinds of things to falsely label people and get them targeted. People need to know that this is not some benign organization.”

Listen to the interview here.

Fifty Questions to Ask Before Going to College

by Chris Gacek

April 26, 2013

Fifty Questions to Ask Before Going to College” is the title of an article by Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a writer with CBS MoneyWatch.  I think she is correct that these questions focus the mind on the “rubber meets the road” issues.  She concentrates on topics like graduation rates, class size, who does the actual teaching, what honors programs exist, job placement rates, rates of tuition increases, levels of graduate indebtedness, and student load default rates.  These are much more practical topics than: “How many rock climbing walls do you have?”

Clearly, anyone going to college needs to develop a profile for each potential school like the one outlined in the article.  This article provides a well-grounded list of questions from which potential college students and their parents can improvise and create their specific set of questions.

Security footage: Hero thwarts terrorist shooter at Family Research Council

by FRC Media Office

April 25, 2013

In an age when it seems heroes are hard to come by, it’s stirring to see a genuine hero in action. Last August, FRC building manager Leo Johnson was temporarily manning the front desk at our Washington headquarters when a now-confessed terrorist intent on killing everyone in the building entered with a handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition.  As he drew his gun, Leo courageously charged the attacker into oncoming gunfire.  Even after sustaining a direct hit to his forearm, he subdued the attacker and wrestled the gun away from him.

Leo Johnson’s heroism saved countless lives that day. Now you can see the never-before released security footage that shows just how quickly tragedy was averted.  Please share this video with friends, and help pay tribute to a true hero.

FRC In the News: April 26, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

April 25, 2013

Preventing Future Gosnells

Anna Higgins, Director, Center for Human Dignity at FRC, wrote an article on about the current Gosnell case and other incidents where “choice” has cost precious lives. Higgins also points out the need for more media coverage and awareness. She states:

“Perhaps we have become so accustomed to accepting abortion as a “choice” rather than the death of a unique human being that infanticide has become simply a natural and acceptable extension of the “abortion right.” This Pennsylvania abortion facility is not the first, nor will it be the last, to be revealed as unsafe and unsanitary. In fact, many facilities around the country have been found to be in violation of basic health and safety standards. Just last week a Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware closed its doors when two employees released statements that the facility was performing abortions in an unsafe and unsanitary manner. The local TV station covered this story extensively, to their credit. However, these violations continue to go largely unreported in the media. Every American should be incensed that he cannot trust the media to cover, in a neutral manner, serious events affecting human rights without heavy pressure from the public and from Congress. We are constantly bombarded with stories of celebrities and athletes, yet this important story – the perpetration of violence against children – was largely ignored. We must remain vigilant and demand that all stories affecting our families and our values be given fair coverage.”

The Loss of Right and Wrong: What’s Worse Than Being Mean?

Rob Schwarzwalder, Senior Vice President at FRC, wrote an article featured in Religion Today about the current decrease of morality in the culture. Schwarzwalder challenges his readers stating:

“Moral incoherence is growing. Adultery is not wrong, merely unwise (or liberating, depending on one’s personal point of view, which to challenge is arrogant, not to mention mean). Confiscation of property and wealth, aka theft, is not wrong if performed by government entities, but good luck if you get caught stealing a car. Murder is a capital offense unless its victim is a 9-month-old unborn child, her life ended in an antiseptic “clinic.” Christians must continue to appeal to the conscience, to make reasoned arguments, to tell stories that subtly explain moral truth. Persuasion is a multi-pronged endeavor. And we must wed grace with truth as we make our case. We just need to be prepared for looks of uncertainty, amazement and even hostility from our peers and not to assume that our basic moral assumptions are theirs. There has never been a time when being a Christian in America has been, for so many, so very peculiar.”

Does Reason Still Matter?

Rob Schwarzwalder’s article featured in First Things addresses the need for truth, which is Christ and His teachings. Schwarzwalder shows how this truth impacts policies such as marriage. Schwarzwalder says:

“The sticking point in all of this is that when it comes to contested issues of moral value, one side wins and the other loses…such socio-moral issues as abortion on demand, the nature of marriage, and the rights of conscience and religious liberty offer us no intermediate policy outcome. Christians, then, should make their arguments carefully, winsomely, graciously, and firmly, in the hope that “the law written on the heart” will overcome emotional prejudice, intellectual laziness, and moral compromise. When we lose, we have no choice but to keep making our arguments. We are called not to political success but faithfulness to God. If we are attacked because we’ve spoken or acted like jerks, then we need to repent, seek forgiveness, and better wed truth with love. But if we suffer for Jesus’ sake, for the faith once delivered and the truth revealed with finality, we are blessed, not cursed.”

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