The Media’s Mistake and How the March for Marriage included Thousands

Last week during the Supreme Court’s hearing on Proposition 8, thousands of pro-traditional marriage supporters crowded the National Mall to let the nation know that traditional marriage and the voice of the people is important. Unfortunately, the media only reported that “dozens” of marchers came. This video shows differently.

Tony Perkins Defends Traditional Marriage on TV

FRC’s President, Tony Perkins, was on CBS’s Face the Nation, Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight, and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports to explain why traditional marriage is so important to society. Perkins discussed why it is critical for DOMA and Prop 8 to be upheld by the Supreme Court.

Ken Klukowski on PBS

Ken Klukowski, Director, Center for Religious Liberty at FRC, discussed the DOMA case and the federal issue of marriage, and how the Obama Administration has dealt with DOMA on PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

SCOTUS May Throw Out DOMA Cases Due to DOJ Refusal to Defend

Ken Klukowski discusses how the Supreme Court used an hour of the DOMA case to discuss if the case should even be in court. Klukowski states in his article featured in Breitbart News that:

“As Justice Antonin Scalia noted… when a defendant agrees with a plaintiff, typically a federal court will only enter a consent judgment, making it official that the parties agree to something and will be bound to continue abiding by that agreement. The Court does not have the power to then consider striking down a law—any law. If that happens here, all the current DOMA lawsuits would be dismissed, and DOMA would remain on the books until Congress repeals it or a new administration tries to defend it in court.”

SCOTUS: DOMA’s Fate in the Hands of Justice Kennedy

Ken Klukowski wrote an article featured on Breitbart News’ website that discusses the Defense of Marriage Act. He points out that Justice Kennedy’s vote could make or break the ruling and states:

“If Kennedy sticks to his standard in earlier gay rights cases—notably Romer v. Evans in 1996 and Lawrence v. Texas in 2003—both of which failed under this minimal rational-basis test, then he could be the fifth vote to save DOMA. Or he could conclude that Congress and well-meaning, but nonetheless ignorant, and deficient because it fails to serve important public interests.”