President Obama’s View through a Gosnell Lens

FRC's Ken Blackwell discusses in his recent article in WORLD Magazine how President Obama has been blinded by the “Gosnell lens” and neglected to recognize the horrific acts of Gosnell and the murders of millions of innocent children. Blackwell states:

“President Obama has always applied a Gosnell lens. He is justly horrified by the murder of 20 children and six adults at a school in Connecticut. He wants to take action now, Constitution or not. But Obama views the killing of 33 unborn children every day in Connecticut for 40 years through his Gosnell lens. Their deaths are constitutionally protected choices. Their deaths do not count in the larger scheme of things.”

More Regulations for Abortion Clinics

Anna Higgins, Director, Center for Human Dignity at FRC, explains in her recent article featured in The Deming Headlight how abortion clinics do not uphold health standards and have cost the lives of so many. Higgins also cites the recent deaths of women who have gone to these clinics as well as the upcoming case of Kermit Gosnell. Higgins states:

“Despite the evidence, reasonable clinic regulations have been opposed at every turn by abortion proponents. Just as an ambulatory surgical center is tightly regulated by the state to ensure that all patients are protected, so should abortion clinics be subjected to similar regulation.The "right" to abortion as expressed by the Roe and Casey court decisions is applicable only to the woman who chooses to have an abortion. There is no right for abortion facilities, owners, or operators to be exempt from legitimate state health objectives; nor is there any right to make a profit from the operation of an abortion facility.”