Scouts Must Defend Long Held Convictions

FRC’s President Tony Perkins wrote an article featured in The Kansas City Star that explains why the Boy Scouts must stand strong on their convictions and not cave in to pressure. Perkins states:

“Parents should be able to entrust their sons to the organization with the confidence that their desires will be honored, and that their sons will not be exposed to inappropriate sexual topics. The BSA should retain the current long-held and time-tested policy regarding gays. Changing the current policy would likely result in drastic reductions in Scouting nationwide. A similar policy, forced on Scouts in Canada, resulted in a 50 percent drop in membership. But that would not be the only consequence.”

Slate: ‘Marriage Equality’ Includes Polygamy

Ken Klukowski, FRC's Director, Center for Religious Liberty, addresses the issue of polygamy in his article featured on Klukowski specifically addresses statements published by Slate. Klukowski states:

“I give them credit for their honesty; they admit and even embrace that if you demand a right to same-sex marriage, there’s no principled reason not to have a right to polygamous marriage. The only reason is political. The American people have been told for years now that gay marriage would not open Pandora’s Box, but they still understand at a gut level that they do not want to entirely redefine the family unit in the United States.”

Snubbing Thatcher’s Funeral?

Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison discuss why President Obama did not attend the funeral for Lady Margret Thatcher in their recent article featured in American Thinker. Blackwell and Morrison state:

“We dissent, respectfully, from our Conservative British brethren.  We are glad that President Obama is not going and not sending a senior member of his administration.  His administration is working night and day to undo the great work of President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher.  It is far more appropriate to send to our great ally's obsequies a delegation composed of those Americans who were actually Britain's allies when Mrs. Thatcher governed at Number 10 Downing Street.”