Christians and Religious Liberty in America on Easter Sunday, 2013

In his recent article featured in Breitbart News, FRC’s Ken Klukowski discusses recent religious liberty, how we’ve neglected the Constitution, the real meaning of free speech, and how important it is to recognize who Christ really is. Klukowski states:

“Freedom of speech is about freedom to disagree. Moreover, in this country you also have the legal right to be theologically wrong. God may not let you be wrong about him, but that’s between you and God; it’s not for the government or for society to decide. For Christians, things in this country are increasingly difficult. Historically Christianity has not been for people who are lukewarm about it. There can be a real cost to identifying yourself with Jesus Christ, and for millions in America many wonder if the time is coming for difficult choices.”

Defending Carson on MSNBC

Ken Blackwell, FRC's Senior Fellow, Family Empowerment, defends Dr. Ben Carson’s recent remarks on MSNBC about marriage and explains how Dr. Carson’s comments actually help the conservative movement and the GOP.  Blackwell also addresses the issue of young people’s opinions by stating:

“Just as we have on the issue of life, we will, in fact, win at the end of the day with traditional marriage.”

A ‘Nation of Chasms’

Rob Schwarzwalder, FRC's Senior Vice President, discusses in his recent article featured in Religion Today how the deterioration of values and morality has caused us to do the unthinkable in this country, yet there is hope in Christ. As Schwarzwalder states:

“It is one thing to be horrified by an act of murder. It is something altogether different to have one’s moral sense so confused or so dulled that such things as the ever-earlier sexualization of children in popular culture, the public celebration of homosexuality, obscenity and pornography as normative elements of daily life, and cohabitation as a routine activity are accepted as a matter of course…Where do Evangelicals go from here?  Some ideas will be forthcoming in next week’s column, but the most central of them is true whatever the culture or era: Jesus is Lord and Savior. He has risen from the dead, and is the conqueror of death and sin. He offers abundant and eternal life to all who will trust in Him and Him alone, for their salvation.”