With the recent news of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death, we are mourning the loss of a great leader, whose legacy will rest on her relentless strength. She was truly the Iron Lady.

While I didn't agree with some of her stances, she was an inspiration to women who sought to climb the corporate ladder, as well as those seeking to serve in a public office. I can think of few (outside my Mother and Great-Grandmother) who better exemplifies what is to be strong and lead a moral life. For both the non-feminist and feminist alike, she paved the way by showing that hard work is essential to success.

However, Thatcher’s legacy has been downtrodden by feminists, the ones who should be admiring her for being in a role of leadership and shattering the so-called “glass ceiling.” Yes, Thatcher may have made some bad policy decisions over time, just as all of us have made some erroneous choices.

Shouldn’t we be looking back on Thatcher’s ascendancy to power as something all females should admire and seek out, if it is their calling? Rest in peace, Margaret Thatcher! Your legacy has proven that with a hard work ethic and strength that women can do anything.