A recent poll released by Gallup shows a strong majority of Americans oppose all or most abortions.  It’s even more interesting that young people are more likely to oppose abortion in all cases than any other group.  Over 40% of Democrats oppose abortion most of the time and 12% oppose it entirely.  What does this suggest?  Well if we apply the same standard to abortion that applies to marriage then it would suggest that the pro-life position is becoming the position of inevitability.  It would suggest that politicians should make sure they are on the right side of history, that the Democratic party is starting to fragment, and that both parties should cater to pro-life beliefs if they want to win over young people.  But of course the same standard will not be applied. 

There is a lesson to be learned.  If one continues to speak the truth people may listen, even if it takes years and even if the media does not report it.  So let’s keep up the pro-life momentum and make the end of abortion in America a reality!