Theological Reflections on Homosexuality as We Await the Supreme Court’s Decisions

Rob Schwarzwalder, Senior Vice President of Family Research Council, wrote an article for which encompasses several quotes from various Christian thinkers. The overall tone of the article is neither political nor legal; instead, the comments in the article consist of sound theological reflection filled with the compassion and love of Christ towards humanity. As Christians, we believe homosexuality to be a sin that is never to be affirmed, yet God calls us to still love the person and call them to faith in Christ, the only place they will find healing and grace. The following is a quote found in the article:

“To affirm sin is to diminish humanity. To affirm righteousness and advocate for it in a spirit of winsome courage is to restore humanity. Believers cannot support homosexuality as a God-glorifying way to live. We recognize humanity most in other people when we see how sin has trapped them, feel empathy for them, and call them to the obedience of faith. This, and no other, is love; this, and nothing else, is compassionate”. – Owen Strachan, Ph.D., assistant professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College

Rob Schawarzwalder concluded his article with this statement:

“Christians can await the Supreme Court’s decision not without concern but without apprehension. We know Him Who both created human sexuality and also overcomes the world.”