Layla M. Giardina was born on July 11, 2013 to Crystal and Robert Giardina of Brooklyn, New York. Layla came into the world at the Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island.

A baby boy was born to William Mountbatten-Windsor and his wife, Kate Middleton, yesterday in London. The little guy left the hospital today in the company of his rightfully joyful parents.

In February, a nine year-old in Guadalajara, Mexico had a baby girl, apparently by her 17 year-old boyfriend.

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation estimates that 40 percent of its country’s millions of prostitutes (Human Rights Watch estimates the number to be as high as 15 million) are children.

No one can help but be glad for Kate and William. But are not the thousand of children born this month into squalor, oppression, and hopelessness or, for that matter, into middle income prosperity in the American Midwest or the crowded suburbs of Sao Paulo or the tropical heat of Sumatra just as precious in the sight of God as the newborn prince?

All men are created equal: Abraham Lincoln asserted that this was the “central idea” of the American Republic.  Gawking at newborn “royalty” has the appeal of all that is glitteringly shallow. He is precious in God’s sight, but no more than the other roughly 215,000 babies born on July 22, 2013. Do we rejoice with their parents? Are we grateful for their lives? Can we celebrate their Creator’s kindness in presenting them to the world?

Let’s hope so. The angels do.