OK. It may seem a bit of a stretch to call the Healthcare.gov website Obamazon. But it isn’t our stretch. It’s his. The president himself said the system needs to work just like ordering an item on Amazon.com.

Well, despite all the hallooing from the administration over the weekend, it does not seem that Obamazon is quite at the level of Amazon. Not by a long shot.

When we hit “order” on Amazon, we get this really neat email back. Usually within five minutes.

It’s an email that tells us our order has been received, our payment is being charged to our credit card, and the item(s) we ordered is enroute to our home, or the other address we designated for shipment. They not only send the email, they provide a confirmation number so that we can track the delivery. Amazon has this neat feature called “Where’s my stuff?” that allows the purchaser to determine where in the delivery pipeline his or her order is at any given time.

Most important of all: our purchases with Amazon are secure. We can be assured that we will not get any emails from commercial competitors or, say, from the State of Delaware dunning us for any additional payments. It’s clear that Amazon would have been out of business in a week if it had failed to provide for the security of customer’s personal data.

The failure to assure the citizens’ security in Obamazon is not simply a “glitch.” It’s a fatal flaw. It raises alarming questions about the entire ObamaCare project.

How could anyone not build subscriber security into the website? How could they even think of designing a system with such a critical matter unattended to?

By requiring millions of Americans to provide some of their most sensitive personal data to the government, via the Obamazon website, and by failing to take care that that data is protected, the Obama administration has failed yet again to earn Americans’ trust.

What they are saying to the millions of Americans who are compelled by law to enroll: If you like your identity, you can keep it.