One of the best-kept secrets on the internet is Dr. Kenyn Cureton's "Lost Episodes in American History" series. Vice-President of Family Research Council's Church Ministries department, Kenyn was for 20 years a pastor and now leads a movement of more than 23,000 pastors he encourages to "pray, preach, and partner" concerning the key issues of life, marriage, family, and religious liberty.

Kenyn's Ph.D. training has equipped to view history with a scholar's eye. His love for God and his love for our country motivate him to study our history's with a patriot's passion. For example, yesterday's entry dealt with God's remarkable protection of George Washington during the American Revolution. Students will be especially edified as they read these faith-filled perspectives on historic events.

Kenyn's "Lost Episodes" series is a refreshing reminder that many of our country's Founders were men and women whose Christian backgrounds strongly influenced them, and who saw God's amazing provision during that tumultuous time in the nation's history. You can read these valuable and often-neglected stories of faith, freedom, and courage here. Kenyn publishes the "Lost Episodes" five days a week, and each one will inspire and encourage you.