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The Real Planned Parenthood

by Jared Bridges

May 23, 2007

Our own Tom McClusky reveals the truth about Planned Parenthood today in The American Spectator. Here’s an excerpt:

How much have you spent this year on the abortion-oriented services of Planned Parenthood? This question may seem too personal, or out of line with your religious beliefs. But the truth is that if you pay taxes, you support Planned Parenthood.

Read it all here.

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The Disney Family Model

by Family Research Council

May 19, 2007

Jae Ran Kim applied a “social workers perspective to the wholesome characters in popular Disney movies” and asked, “How many of these beloved characters live in a married, two-parent (hetero) household?”

  • Aladdin (Aladdin) orphaned and homeless; petty crimes for food and shelter
  • Annie (Annie) orphan adopted by rich single dad
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid) dead mother, rebellious teen who runs away to be with a man
  • Aristocats Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse three kittens raised by a single mother
  • Bambi (Bambi) raised by single mother who is murdered, has never met his absent father
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast) dead mother, raised by single father
  • Cinderella (Cinderella) dead mother, raised by abusive Stepmother and neglectful, absent father
  • Dumbo (Dumbo) raised by a stigmatized, depressed single mother
  • Elliot (Petes Dragon) orphaned, runaway from abusive foster parents, adopted by single mother
  • Hercules (Hurcules) son of gods transracially adopted by humans
  • Lilo (Lilo and Stitch) orphaned, raised by older sister
  • Mowgli (The Jungle Book) orphaned, raised by 2-male heads of household (bear and panther)
  • Mulan (Mulan) cross-dressing teen girl with intact, multi-generational family unit
  • Nemo (Finding Nemo) dead mother, raised by single overprotective father
  • Oliver (Oliver & Company) orphaned kitten transracially adopted by rich girl
  • Peter Pan (Peter Pan) orphaned, troublemaker and gang leader of Lost Boys
  • Penny (The Rescuers) orphaned girl kidnapped from orphanage
  • Pinocchio (Pinocchio) wooden toy adopted by aged creator Gepetto
  • Pochahontas (Pocahontas) dead mother, raised by single father
  • Quasimoto (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) physically disabled male adopted by evil church minister Frollo
  • Simba (The Lion King) father murdered by uncle, raised by 2-male heads of household (meerkat and warthog)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) parents transferred custody to 3 fairies
  • Snow White (Snow White & the 7 dwarves) dead mother, raised by abusive Stepmother and neglectful father
  • Tarzan (Tarzan) orphaned, transracially adopted by gorilla family

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God Save George Washington*

by Family Research Council

May 17, 2007

Apparently Hillary Clinton is trying to find a new campaign song and she has asked people to vote on her web site for which song she should use (after my run in with her staffer I looked for John Michael Montgomerys I Swear but it wasnt there.) I thought it might be fun to start a contest for the other candidates. This is not the place to give your opinions on the candidate (the IRS would love that!) but give a song and a brief explanation of why. Such as Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair for Senator John Edwards of the $400 coiffure; or Lits My Own Worst Enemy for Newt Gingrich; or Who Are You by The Who for Mike Gravel (or a number of others.) Self described environmentalist Al Gore can have It Aint Easy Bein Green by Kermit the Frog and Rudy Giuliani (who seems to dress up a lot in dresses) can campaign to Dude (Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith. Here is list of the candidates sing away:

Joe Biden

Sam Brownback

Hillary Clinton

Chris Dodd

John Edwards

Jim Gilmore

Newt Gingrich

Rudy Giuliani

Al Gore

Mike Gravel

Chuck Hagel

Mike Huckabee

Duncan Hunter

Dennis Kucinich

John McCain

Barak Obama

Ron Paul

Bill Richardson

Mitt Romney

Tom Tancredo

Fred Thompson

Tommy Thompson

*The earliest known American election campaign song was God Save George Washington, issued in 1780 and sung to the tune of God Save The King.

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Spending Too Little on Abstinence

by Moira Gaul

May 17, 2007

A new study by the research firm Mathematica has been hailed by advocates of the sexual revolution and groups that have spent decades providing contraceptives and abortions to minor children without parental knowledge. Funded by the federal department of Health and Human Services, Mathematica examined four abstinence education programs for elementary students and middle-schoolers. The study found that after an average of five years, the students who had taken the abstinence instruction were no less likely to engage in sexual intercourse than students who had not received the instruction at all.

At first glance, the results appear disappointing. It would have been a relief to find that a small investment in a middle school program could overcome the raw messages of our sexualized culture. It would be especially encouraging because of the ever-higher stakes associated with premarital sex today.

But that’s not the whole story - either of abstinence education or of the need for intervention in the lives of vulnerable teens. The researchers chose to ignore the abstinence programs most recommended for study, and focused on programs that have since been revised. The scope and the depth of abstinence programs were ignored, and a narrow few chosen for examination. These are not minor points because the stakes in sexual politics today are life and death.

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