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Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil

by Carrie Russell

February 17, 2011

On Valentines Day 2011 pro life advocates united across the country to pray for victims of sex trafficking. The vigil was organized as a response to the recent release of videos connecting two very dark industries: abortion and sex trafficking.

From Washington DC to Orange County, CA, people took time from work to ask God to bring hope and healing and light into the lives of the victims of this most heinous crime.

Abortion and sex-trafficking are sinister and they rob people of their inherent dignity. But God is about truth, life, light, beauty, freedom and recognizing the dignity of the human person. He is all powerful and He hears our prayers, especially where groups are united. Lets join together to continue to pray that God will bring light and healing into even these darkest of situations.

FRC Lecture Series: John Stonestreet

by Carrie Russell

February 15, 2011

Last week, FRC hosted a Family Policy Lecture: Young Evangelicals—Are They a Lost Cause in the Culture Wars, featuring John Stonestreet, Executive Director of Summit Ministries. You can watch the lecture here. After the lecture, we had a chance to interview Mr. Stonestreet for more insight on the next generation of evangelicals.

FRC Lecture Series: Os Guinness

by Carrie Russell

February 10, 2011

Last month, FRC hosted a Family Policy Lecture: Can Freedom Last Forever? The Founders’ Forgotten Question and Where the U.S. is Today, featuring Os Guinness. You can watch the lecture here. After the lecture, we interviewed Dr. Guinness about freedom and where our country is headed in the future.

Watch Our Interview with Jay Richards

by Carrie Russell

December 10, 2010

On December 1, 2010, Jay Richards, author of “Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem” talked about his book and how capitalism is not a problem in dealing with the current state of the economy.

Watch the Recap from FRC’s Family Policy Lecture

by Carrie Russell

November 18, 2010

Yesterday, FRC had a family policy lecture called, “The Puritan Gift: Reclaiming the American Dream Amidst Global Financial Crisis.” We had the opportunity to sit down with William Hopper to discuss “The Puritan Gift.”

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