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Madonna Still Scouting - for Herself

by Rob Schwarzwalder

March 21, 2013

A woman who has built her career on extravagant self-debasement continues to find ways to demean and coarsen herself.

A few days ago, Madonna appeared at the GLAAD awards dressed in a Cub Scout uniform. With a Scoutmaster’s hat affixed to the back of her head, cowboy-style, she virtually purred with self-satisfaction at yet another few moments on the glistening stage of pop culture.

It should be clear that she was wearing a Cub Scout, not a Boy Scout, uniform. The former is worn by little boys who, by the way, wear caps, not broad-rimmed tan hats. Am I the only person troubled that a woman whose entire career has been premised on the continuous, ever-more graphic sexualization of herself would wear a child’s outfit to make a point about homosexuality? To objectify oneself is certainly an option in our society, however dehumanizing it might be. But is it really necessary to bring children into such an endeavor?

The uniform was, of course, secondary to the singer’s “look at me!” purpose. That she peppered her comments with obscenity and, in her remarks, reduced Scouting to such things as pitching a tent and building a fire says a great deal. Although these and many other practical skills are important to Scouting, building character is the chief goal of the BSA. Sadly, this is an objective concerning which Madonna seems both ignorant and unconcerned.

Rather than anger, Christians should feel pity for an entertainer desperately seeking public affirmation, but avoiding discovery of what it means to live as a person made in the image and likeness of God.

The Oscars and the Sad Truth about Media Culture

by Family Research Council

February 26, 2013

There has been some concern about the crass humor displayed at the Oscars last Sunday. I did not watch the Oscars, but I have read enough of what was said to know it was a moral debacle. When even children are the subject of coarse jesting, it becomes even more troubling. When a culture treats sex as a joke and uses lewdness to attract attention, it is a sign of that culture’s weakness. Why does an emcee at a major media awards event feel it is appropriate to make comments about a young actress’ sexual appeal to George Clooney? It is because our culture has lost its moral footing.

Hollywoodoften expresses outrage at the very things it promotes. Violence, sexual licentiousness, the objectification of women and children, and bullying (especially the “Christian right”) were all part of what was celebrated and joked about at this year’s Oscars, yet all are things Hollywood would argue against in other contexts. When will the moral decay in media cease? Perhaps, it will cease when Americans stop paying for it at the box office.

What would I do to encourage peace, love, the honoring of women, and the protection of our children in media? I would recommend adopting the Christian moral ethic that treats sex and marriage as sacred and that admonishes us to love our neighbors as ourselves. It may be called old-fashioned, but it is exactly what our culture needs.

Food Network Used to Be My Friend

by Cathy Ruse

November 19, 2012

There is absolutely nothing on television that is both appropriate for our little girls and interesting to their parents with one exception: Food Network. Cooking shows are our family tv. We love the cake wars, even our 4-year old enjoys Chopped, and the commercials dont make Daddy lunge for the changer while Mommy sings Youre a Grand Old Flag! in plena voce.

Until last night.

A Target commercial came on with a group of actors talking about going to a Christmas party. Then one young man said, with a pronounced gay lisp, that he hoped another man was coming to the party because, Hes HOT! Followed by a very lilting, What-EVERRRRRRRR!

This really makes me mad. I Googled the commercial to see if it made anybody else mad too, and found this surprise: a homosexual blogger upset that Target was using such an embarrassing…f—-t stereotype.

So just cut it out, Target. And cut it off, Food Network. Neither of you are making any friends with this nonsense.

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